Internal Family Systems (IFS)

Internal Family Systems allows us to repair our self-relationship like nothing else

Internal Family Systems (IFS) lets us understand and heal the emotional wounds that prevent us from being the people we were born to be. While I use IFS in conjunction with other techniques, many clients contact me specifically for this work. With thousands of professionals still on waiting lists to receive IFS training, I’m proud to offer this in-demand approach.

A Quick Introduction to IFS

Have you ever felt like there are different parts of you that are constantly at war? Maybe one part of you wants to be bold and share your truth, while another is terrified of vulnerability and shuts you down. Or, perhaps one part of you feels insecure–and another is working hard to do whatever it can to make this feeling go away. Instead of continuing habits of self-conflict, IFS allows us to heal our parts so we can finally be at peace and become who we really are.

How A Typical Internal Family Systems Journey Unfolds

Step 1: We identify what thoughts, feelings, and behaviors we want to understand.

Do you have a critical voice inside that says you’re worthless? Do you feel a deep sense of shame, not being “enough,” or feeling chronically insecure? Do you sabotage relationships or feel nervous in social situations? Is it hard to make decisions? We can work with all of these issues and more.

Step 2: We go inside and learn about the parts that drive this behavior -- and the pain they hold

IFS lets us connect with the various parts of ourselves that are involved in these thoughts, feelings, and behaviors — and allows us to learn how we can help them heal. Curiosity and compassion lead our way as we explore our emotions and behavior with unprecedented intimacy.

Step 3: We heal our emotional wounds and release the burdens that have dominated our lives.

Virtually all extreme behaviors are caused by deep emotional wounds that never properly healed. IFS allows us to process these traumatic events in new ways and release pain that has been carried inside us for months, years, or even decades. It’s never too late to start.

Curious About What IFS Can Do For You?

Start your journey today!

Are you ready to learn about your parts and heal your wounds? Let’s see what we can discover together on this healing journey within. Click below to fill out my contact form and we’ll schedule your free consultation. I look forward to learning about your parts!

How I Use Internal Family Systems

While I use multiple modalities with clients, IFS has become my tool of choice. It has allowed even the most self-critical and insecure client to find a deep peace, security, and love within. For those familiar with IFS terminology, I specialize in working with clients who present intense managerial systems (eg, extreme self-critics) with exiled parts that carry deep shame and insecurity. The vast majority of clients struggle with external relationships, whether they be personal, professional, and/or romantic. I am also experienced in working with polarized systems that produce high self-conflict within. IFS provides these populations with better results than any approach I have encountered in my professional life so far.


Level 1 w/ Paul Ginter & Marina Hassanali

Level 2 w/ Pam Krause & Galit Arad-Trutner

Unattached Burdens & Guides w/ Bob Falconer

Embracing Legacy Burdens w/ Osnat Arbel

Daily Parts Meditation Practice w/ Michelle Glass

Working with Highly Conflictual Couples w/ Mary Kruger

Negotiating with Challenging Protectors w/ Chris Burris

Somatic IFS w/ Susan McConnell

Trauma & Medical Syndromes w/ Lissa Rankin & Richard Schwartz

Working with Legacy & Cultural Burdens w/ Ann Sinko

IFS Texts That Inform My Work

Internal Family Systems (2nd Ed.) by R. Schwartz & M. Sweezy

Internal Family Systems Therapy for Shame and Guilt by M. Sweezy

No Bad Parts by R. Schwartz

IFS Therapy for Addictions by C. Sykes, M. Sweezy, & R. Schwartz

IFS Skills Training Manual by F. Anderson, M. Sweezy & R. Schwartz

Transcending Trauma by F. Anderson

Somatic IFS by S. McConnell