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ive been there podcast - stamatelos

I’ve Been there Podcast (USA)

Nicole asks how people in their 20’s can shift from a place of self-criticism to self-compassion. We discuss the role of self-criticism in American culture and explore self-compassion exercises.

Bro Nouveau Podcast (USA / Philippines) 

Thomas asks me about anxious insecurity, why I became a coach instead of a counselor, and why I believe focusing on emotions and relationships is the best way to improve our lives.

The Authenticity Road Podcast (USA)

I’m back in a conversation with Ettore on why people engage in extreme violence and terrorism and how it all relates back to men and their ability to process difficult emotions.

The Authenticity Road Podcast (USA) 

Ettore Toppi and Jordan Topinka ask me about Internal Family Systems (IFS) – with excerpts from an IFS session with Ettore.

Behind the Mask-ulinity (USA) 

Christian Lopez asks me about modern male friendships, the power of father-son relationships, shared struggles, and more.

The Liminal Podcast (UK)

Joe and Gordon ask me about everything from politics and terrorism to common emotional struggles for young adults in the U.S. and U.K.

Is That Soh (Canada)

Soheila asks me about the rising rate of perfectionism in today’s world, explore why it has become so common, and discuss what can be done about it.

Strength Thru Vulnerability (USA)

Tommy Dahlborg asks me about what healthy self-love looks like, the role of vulnerability in goals and pursuits, self-compassion, and more.

Dating Millennial (USA)

Daniella Coradini asks me about the relationship we have with ourselves impacts the other relationships in our lives.

Slow Down, Man (Canada)

Mitch Lagadin asks me about self-compassion, the role of competition in today’s world, and the importance of social connection

Manly Matters (USA)

Jesse Turner asks me about what it means to be a man today, what healthy self-love actually means, and much more.

10 Million Journey (Worldwide)

Anatoly Spektor, a digital nomad and entrepreneur, asks me about what it means to be “enough” in the context of business and entrepreneurship.

Articles by james j. stamatelos

Are you pursuing the things you want because you really want them, or are you trying to prove something to yourself?

What happens to us if we are willing to bare our souls to another?

What happens when you choose to let go of everything you were taught in religion class – and allowed yourself to discover what was really there?

It’s never been harder to be a student. This explores research around the rising levels of fear, stress, and perfectionism on American college campuses.

Exploring the intersection between self-identity and shifting our emotional state from a place of fear to strength.